SEO Consultant

I work with with companies, individuals and teams, to help with SEO strategy, processes, and implementation of your digital marketing plan.

How Can an SEO Consultant Help?

Essentially a freelance SEO consultant works with you to further your business goals.

That could simply be more relevant organic traffic to your website, helping with conversions, setting up funnels to convert existing traffic, or creating an SEO strategy for the next 3, 6, or 12 months.

I have helped small websites grow from a couple of hundred visitors per month to 10,000 over the space of 18 months. An SEO consultant can help optimise your WordPress Woocommerce or Shopify store.

SEO Case Studies

Accountant Online is a specialized accountancy practice with over 500% year on year growth. Read more.

Follow the Camino are a travel company with 200% year on year growth. Read more.

SEO Consultancy Services

Technical SEO Audits

This is the basics. An audit will unlock your website’s full potential by finding all untapped optimisation opportunities


Content Audit

Reviewing, pruning, and improving your current content can result in the highest and quickest ROI returns on your digital spend.

Content Marketing

Great content is more important than ever to satisfy users, increase dwell time and aid conversions.

Local SEO

For local businesses, it is a must to appear in local results and Google Maps. This is the first SEO & digital marketing step for local businesses.


Link Building

Quality backlinks from real websites will skyrocket your rankings. Building high authority links creates successful long term results.


Google & FB Ads

There is no better way to test ideas, products, and land pages to bring in immediate customers.

Eimear Flynn


Leslie has reviewed 10 of our company eCommerce websites and improved performance, increased our ranking, organic traffic, and sales from Google search.

He provides a quality SEO consultancy service and hands-on approach, which has consistently improved results that we could not have achieved without him. I would highly recommend Leslie to anyone seeking optimal performance for their website.

– Eimear Flynn, Marketing Manager
Powerpoint Engineering

Rose Kervick


Leslie is reliable, dependable, and trustworthy in my experience – he also knows his subject really well and has been an expert in SEO for a long time. I trust his advice and I value the insights and recommendations he makes for my businesses

– Rose Kervick, Marketing Director

Do you have an SEO project you would like to talk about?

How I Work

Let’s have a chat

I need to know your business vision, aims, and goals before we start to talk about anything else. What would make this a success for you? What are your KPIs? No hard sell – this call is just to find out if we can work well together.

Website review

A website review is a full technical SEO audit. The review will uncover all problems that could stop rankings and will inform the digital marketing strategy plan in the next step.

Strategy planning

Create the SEO strategy plan that we will follow for the next 6 to 12 months. I will work with priorities that get you the quickest wins possible.

Implement SEO Plan

As an SEO strategy consultant, I can help with some implementation or work with your internal team to roll out the full plan we have agreed on within the agreed budget.

All work and reports will be completed within the agreed timescale, while I continue to be aware of further possible opportunities.

Learn and adapt

I monitor results at each step of the way, we learn what produces the highest return, what works and what can be done better.

This is then leveraged to get you more opportunities and wins.

Freelance SEO Consultant vs SEO Agency

Truth be told there really is not much difference. But, there will be a few small ones.

When working with me as an SEO consultant you will always work directly with an SEO specialist rather than an agency junior – that is mostly good as there can be a lot of work on site that does not require a higher priced SEO expert.

SEO consultants generally have lower overheads that can lead to more competitive pricing – but not always as paying for a real SEO expert can result in better keyword research and faster growth.

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

Speed and Core Web Vitals

Website speed has been a core ranking factor for some time. Now core web vitals is also now ranking factor in Google. But, a fast loading and user friendly website results in a higher ranking and more qualified leads at the same time.

SEO has long term benefits

As we all know SEO takes time, but it also lasts long after you decide to stop paying for any ongoing SEO services. It takes a while for traffic to build, but once it does that higher level of organic traffic continues far into the future.

Lower cost and higher ROI than ads

Overall SEO has a much lower cost per acquisition than any other channel.

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