SEO Coaching the Quickest Way to Success

Running a website is a necessity of doing business in today’s digital economy. And as you probably know by now, every website has to be optimized for search engines in order to have a shot at success.

SEO is a field that is concerned with the theory and practice of website optimization. It encompasses a variety of strategies and tactics that can help you achieve your ranking goals.

While you don’t have to be an expert web designer to implement SEO for your website, this doesn’t mean that the process is without its challenges. There is a learning curve to SEO, and not everyone is prepared to devote the time needed to master its nuances.

Alternatively, you can leave all the hard work to an SEO agency, but this approach can be quite costly, which makes it unsuitable for small businesses. So what is the solution here? How can you keep your website optimized without breaking the bank or wasting time learning SEO from scratch?

We would like to argue that SEO coaching is the solution you need. A professional SEO consultant will empower you to tackle the challenges of SEO on your own. And to give you an idea of what you can expect from such a service, we’ve written a short piece on the topic which you can find in the remainder of this post.

An SEO Coach Can Help You:

SEO coaching

1) Audit Your Website

Before you start fiddling with your website’s SEO, you should have an adequate understanding of what works and what doesn’t in terms of SEO. In other words, you will need to perform an SEO audit. This can be a challenging endeavour, so your best bet is to have someone with SEO experience perform the audit for you. An SEO coach has the necessary expertise to perform such an audit. After taking a detailed look at your website’s structure, content, and links, an SEO coach will provide you with a report on their findings, as well as advice on how to proceed next. They can also walk you through the entire process, so you can perform audits yourself in the future.

2) Improve Your Technical SEO

A lot of difficulties with website SEO can be boiled down to technical issues. Technical SEO is concerned with discovering, identifying, and fixing these issues. Unfortunately, few website owners have the technical expertise to do this on their own. And the last thing you want to do is fiddle with the inner workings of your website without knowing what you’re doing. What you should do instead is leave this task to an SEO coach. SEO coaches have a keen understanding of core web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.), as well as practical experience dealing with website issues. Once you start working with an SEO coach, you can ask them to track these issues and offer suggestions on how you should go about fixing them.

3) Generate Traffic Through Link Building and Guest Blogging

Links are the main currency of SEO. The more links you have pointing to your website from authoritative sources, the better ranked it will be on relevant search engine results pages (SERPs). These links can be acquired organically, or they can be forged through cooperation with other websites. This latter practice is called link building, and it is an integral component of SEO. Guest blogging is one of the most common link building strategies out there. It involves publishing content containing links to your site on relevant industry websites. An SEO coach can help you articulate your link building strategies by giving suggestions on which sites to pursue, which keywords to use, and what kind of content to write.

4) Succeed at Local SEO

Another way to boost your website SEO is by leveraging local search. The idea here is to make your business appear near the top of local SERPs on services such as Google Maps. Local SEO has many intricacies, enough to be considered a separate SEO system. From providing up-to-date business information to optimizing your website for mobile viewing, uploading high-quality photos and a slew of other optimizations, it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, with a little bit of assistance from an SEO coach, you can master local SEO in no time. An SEO coach can give you tips on which local SEO strategies to use, as well as help you with their implementation.

5) Utilize AdWords and PPC Effectively

SEO coaches typically have other digital marketing competencies aside from SEO. And one of the most common ones is knowledge about ad-based traffic generation. Using a system such as Google AdWords in conjunction with SEO is a guaranteed way to get your website in front of as many search engine users as possible. In order to grow your traffic through paid ads, you need to have a keen understanding of how keyword bidding works, and which keywords are worth pursuing. SEO coaches have the required knowledge, and they can help you understand all of the above.

6) Create Quality Content

Content is the cornerstone of all SEO. Search engines use content to determine the relevance and quality of your website as a source of information. Content is not just about writing an effective copy. It is about determining what your readers find valuable in terms of information, and then providing it in a format that matches their online consumption habits. SEO coaches can help you develop your content strategy by suggesting content topics, organizing channels for content distribution, and determining which keywords to use for maximum SEO effectiveness. They can also teach you how to do these things yourself.

7) Audit Your Existing Content

In addition to helping with content creation, an SEO coach can audit your existing content to determine what works and what doesn’t. A typical content audit involves creating a content database, segmenting content according to criteria (length, keywords, function, etc.), mapping content to its ideal readers, and determining what kind of content you’re missing. Going through all of your website content is a difficult, time-consuming task, so you either learn how to do it efficiently, or you leave it to an expert. And SEO coaches are trained to fulfil both of these roles.

8) Provide SEO Training to Your Team

SEO is a team effort. If you and your team are not on the same page with regards to SEO, you’ll start encountering issues due to a lack of cooperation. Issues that might otherwise be easy to avoid. The best way to circumvent this problem is to ensure your team has proper SEO training. And once again, a coach is the person you need. SEO coaches can give talks, seminars, and consultations on SEO and related topics. With a team of people that know their way around SEO, you will gain the ability to implement more complex SEO strategies.

Grow Your Business with SEO Coaching

SEO is a field that exists in a constant state of change. Search engine providers such as Google are constantly updating their algorithms, and each iteration brings something new to the table. The downside to this is that businesses have to be on the constant lookout for these changes, so they can update their websites accordingly in order to maintain their rankings. And SEO coaches can help you get ahead of the curve by sharing their knowledge and expertise. Hire an SEO coach today, and save yourself a lot of headaches down the line.

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