Summer in the Czech Republic

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End of Camino in France

In Conques after walking part of the Camino from Le Puy

So I am heading into my last month here in the Czech Republic and looking forward to going back to Dublin. I have enjoyed myself, but as usual have got a lot less done than expected at the start of the summer.

We arrived here in the middle of April and it was freezing, I didn’t expect that, I just thought it would be a few degrees warmer than Dublin. During the first month I was building fires each morning in three rooms, the main rooms we were using. But also at that time there were a lot more animals around. In the evening driving back from Prague I had to go quite slow once we were on the back roads after the motorway as there were deer each night and the crazy things would not run away immediately as we drove towards them – one night I even had to stop the car for a wild boar that was on the road and would not move until he had a good sniff of the car and then ran into a field and disappeared.

The animal theme has continued through the summer with sightings of eagles, hawks and various small rodents including the field mouse that invaded our bedroom one evening, causing me to go get a trap to catch it that didn’t kill it. Trap set and within a couple of hours it was caught, then Anna and I had a walk across the village green late at night to let it out far enough away from the house so it would not come back in again.

I have loved the good weather but missed Dublin and all that means to me, the people mostly. I must admit there have been time when I have felt like I was going stir crazy out here in the sticks. The village we are staying in I doesn’t even have a local shop – the nearest local shop is two villages away… Quite a change from city life. It will be interesting to see how we manage to navigate ever moving here.

A few good points have emerged – no TV, not that we watched it much at home, but none all summer, that and a lot less news, though I still feel like I could do we less news still. I have read a lot more, but not the books I brought with me. I, like a lot of people, have a load of books that I think are interesting but never seem to get around to reading them. Well they can’t be that interesting as I just started reading on my tablet – amazon wins. Add to that Safari books online and all those books I brought are still gathering dust unread.

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