Summer in the Czech Republic

So I am heading into my last month here in the Czech Republic and looking forward to going back to Dublin. I have enjoyed myself, but as usual have got a lot less done than expected at the start of the summer. We arrived here in the middle of April and it was freezing, I didn't expect that, I just thought it would be a few degrees warmer than Dublin. During the first month I was building fires … [Read more...]

Walking Holiday in South Bohemia, Czech Republic

I have not written here for an age, so now that I am on holiday and doing my best to try and not work, here goes. We are staying in this pension in Bohemia, it is a converted farm house, A and I would both love one, we have looked before we came here – but we are unsure about country living – that would be such a shock to us.  The pension is great, large rooms, friendly and for my Irish … [Read more...]

Hotel Adam in Špindlerův Mlýn

Like most Czech Hotels the service in Hotel Adam is fairly disappointing.  The staff are not friendly and do not know how to smile with the exception of the female manager - who was the only one who managed to smile and be chatty. There is good and bad to be said about this hotel - it has a great swimming pool with sun beds that can be taken out onto a sun terrace, as with most places in the … [Read more...]

Where is Prague?

I was asked the other day "Where is Prague?" I must admit I was surprised by the question - I am back and forward to Prague quite often as that is where Anna is from and where we will end up living sometime in the next few years. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, which in in Central Europe - you know right beside Germany, heard of that? I don't know a lot of things and I expect … [Read more...]

Glasgow v’s Dublin

I just spent a few days in Glasgow. It is so clean - I live in Dublin and the streets are dirty with rubbish that people have just dropped, mostly now I don't notice it. However when I visit some other city the contrast is startling. And it is not just the city centre, everywhere I visited surprised me at the cleanliness of the places, (lacking in dropped rubbish). Almost as if to reinforce … [Read more...]

Working in Ireland

During the last couple of years I have become a tourist Guide. Because I have lived and spent at lot of time working in Ireland I have come to know the country quite well, sometimes it feels like I have lived here as a tourist myself for the last ten years and never really settled into the idea that I would stay here. Although I like Ireland I have not wanted to stay here long term, ten years … [Read more...]

No Country for Old Men – Cormac McCarthy

This is the first book of his that I have read, I had never heard of Cormac McCarthy before one of my friends suggested that a couple of his books would be good reading for over the holiday period. He was right and wrong. Cormac McCarthy's style, almost a complete lack of punctuation, takes a bit of getting used to - however once you get used to his style it in some way brings the characters … [Read more...]

Failed States by Noam Chomsky

Reading Failed States by Noam Chomsky just now, it is not an easy read. A friend of mine called it a polemic, but it is not, it does not that that type of tone, if you want a polemic on the United States read Michael Moore, he has the tone and the anger. However, there is no balance. It would be easy to get the impression while reading this book that there is nothing good about the United … [Read more...]

Being an expat

I forget that I am. It only hits me from time to time when I overhear some conversations about people that are coming into the country and the "damage" they cause, to the expectation of the citizens and the "culture". I am perhaps a little unforgiving when I hear this in Ireland, so many Irish have moved to other countries. Over the last few years I have had the privilege of living in Austria, … [Read more...]


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