What I like About Living in Prague

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So I wrote a post about what I miss about Ireland and to even things up I thought this post would be a good idea as I decided to make the move and live here.

Living as an Expat can be difficult; there were many problems that arose that I never considered before moving. One of the problems with this is that it can colour everything else, so if you’re having a bad day, week, or even month it is easy to miss all the good stuff.

Charles Bridge

Something Different

statue-pragueI like travelling to see new places a lot of people do. Being somewhere different I find opens my mind and my eyes. I notice things that I would not notice at home, the way things are done, how people speak, different attitudes. When I return home some of that stays with me, for a while anyway.

There is excitement about exploring a new place, especially when its your new home. And later I find satisfaction in finding my way around with a map and starting to know the good places to eat or visit.

Prague is Safe

I know I am getting old, it happens to us all. I saw this attitude happen with others as they aged, they liked safety – it seemed to move up their priority list. Well it looks like I’m not much different to most people.

I grew up in Glasgow and never felt safe there. I lived in Ireland and it felt very safe at the start. Really no wonder as I had just moved from Glasgow – living in Dublin I rarely saw fights – that was good. However the longer I was there the more I saw – I’m not completely sure if I changed or if Ireland did.

Prague feels very safe on a day to day basis and when I take geopolitics out of it. There are fewer beggars on the streets here harassing people for money. I haven’t seen the young guys on their bikes here either cycling past people ready to steal their phones.


Prague is Beautiful

back-old-townFrom the cobble pavements to the old buildings it is an incredibly beautiful city. The pavements are made from small cobbles about 5 cm square and they all follow the same design – it must be costly to repair – but way better than the usual monoblock that carpets most cities.

I am fortunate where I live; in one direction I have Prague Castle about 15 minutes walk and in the other I have the largest park in the city less than 10 minutes. I often walk into the city and walk down the side of the castle with a view over the city – it lifts my spirits.

There is just something about old town square being part of the route I would walk to meet up with someone or to go shopping.

Eating Out is Much Cheaper

I believe it is a mistake to think you will live somewhere as an expat and spend less money than you did at home. Most consumables cost less but as an expat you’ll likely have developed a want for certain products. When those products are not native they cost a lot more.

That said my money does go further than it did in Dublin, however work is at the other end of that balance. We do eat out more now – lunch today in our local restaurant was 260 Czech Crowns – €9.47 – and that included the drinks, (soft ones). If you like your beer and wine it will be amazed at the very low prices.



And this will be my last. I prefer public transport if its available and here it is great. Now it’s not exactly Vienna standards, but it is 95% of the way there.

Just imagine a fully integrated public transport system. You buy one ticket and it works for the tram, bus, and underground. Not only that – they are on time and regular – the most I would ever wait would be 5 to 10 minutes max. Then you get off the bus and the tram is there, or the bus stops beside the underground, the underground connects you with the tram. Ah…

So instead of wasting many hours of my life driving slowly in city traffic I still and read or answer emails, or write blog posts – now isn’t that a better way to live?


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