Liberec Some Things to See and Do

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JestedYou might end up in Liberec by accident, or maybe you are in the area and curious, like we were driving back from a weekend in the mountains that run along the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to head there for the day or for sightseeing – it is not a pretty city, though it has a comfortable feel and it’s nice to sit in the main square and have a coffee or some lunch.  The food was good. Here is a short list of things to do and see in Liberec.

The Zoological Garden

The gateway to the world of animals and the oldest zoo in the Czech Republic. It has about 170 species of animals, a breeding program for endangered species, the largest collection of birds of prey in Europe, white tigers, a unique tropics pavilion, the big cats’ pavilion, the chimpanzee pavilion, the giraffe pavilion, and a seal pavilion. Established in 1919.

Entrance fees – children (3-15 years), stud 60 CZK / summer time: 70 seniors over 65 years: 60 CZK / summer time: 70 CZK adults: 90 CZK / summer time: 120 CZK

The Botanical Gardens

LibereBotanickáThe most modern botanical gardens in Bohemia, 7500 tropical and subtropical plant species in glasshouses and 1500 outdoor species, the glasshouses have an area of 4500 m2 and the outdoor exhibitions have an area of 15,000 m2, rare orchids, carnivorous plants, bonsai, wetland plants, aquariums and terrariums. Established in 1876. Website

Children (6-15 years), stud.: 70 CZK adults: 140 CZK

The Town Hall

A beautiful neo-renaissance building 1888 – 1893, the design of the Viennese architect, F. Neumann. Currently the seat of the Municipal Authority, a richly decorated facade and rare stained glass windows, the tower is 65 metres tall, tours of the interior, the ceremonial hall and the tower. Website

Guided tours of the Town Hall: adults: 100 CZK / children,stud.,seniors over 70 years: 50 CZK Guided tours of the ceremony hall only: 50 CZK Climb to the tower only: 30 CZK

Tower accessible in good weather only.

The Cable Car on the Jested Peak

JestedThis building can be seen from around the whole area.  There is a cable car to the top, or you can just drive as we did.  There are a few cafes at the top but they don’t look very appealing and the whole building looks much better from a distance.  However it is a national technical heritage site in the Czech Republic and the building was awarded the prestigious Perret Award. Completed in 1973, it is worth see but don’t expect too much. Website

The Dinopark

There are a total of seven dinosaur models, many of them animatronic, which have been placed in an imitation of the Mesozoic landscape. The DinoTrek, a trail through a primeval forest with laser rays, a paleontological playground with the hidden bones of a dinosaur, a time tunnel, a 4D cinema with a film of a Triceratops and many other attractions, has been prepared for adventurous children.

Great if you need somewhere to take kids.

The Babylon Centre

A unique city within the city, a shopping, entertainment and gastronomic centre, including a hotel, a congress centre, a parking building, a casino, restaurants in various styles, a shopping town, a aqua park, a fun park, bowling, gaming rooms, the laser game and others.

The North Bohemian Museum

The living magic of times gone by, activities commenced in 1873, an unusual neo-renaissance building, natural history exhibitions, archaeological exhibitions, historical exhibitions displaying the settlements of North Bohemia from 1918, a wide-spread collection of artistic crafts.  Website

The Exposure of Ferdinand Porsche

The man himself was born nearby in an area that is now part of Liberec. Here we have unique exhibition of famous car Volkswagen “Beetle”, 3-4 exclusive models Porsche, the exhibition is occasionally changed. Website none.

Museum of Cars

Vintage cars in full force, permanent exhibition of historical vehicles (open on Sundays only), shop selling motorcar literature, motorcar club, occasional events. Website

District Gallery

The former residence of the manufacturer Liebieg, open to the public from 1946, Dutch painting of the 16th and 18th centuries, French landscapes of the 19th century, Czech painting of the 20th century, German and Austrian painting of the 19th century. Website

I feel just a tiny bit guilty writing the truth about Liberec, I have a friend who originally come from here, but seriously it’s fine if you are passing but that’s it.  Sorry Liberec.

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