Dealing with Online Scams – Digital SEO

There is a current online jobs scam using my name, Leslie Gilmour and a website called Digital First off – it is a scam – do not give them money. I first became aware of this a month or so ago.  In Google Search Console – Google’s webmaster help platform. Google list on this platform keywords that visitors use to find … [Read more...]

What I Learned Writing a Travel eBook

I never thought that writing an eBook was going to be easy, however, I had no idea it would be so difficult. My travel eBook is a guidebook for the Camino de Santiago, the main route called the Camino Frances or the French Way. My book is now finished and self published on Amazon. I feel great relief at finishing, at some points along the way I wondered if I ever would. The book amounts to just … [Read more...]

How do Happy People Think

And that is how I usually start, by thinking. However it appears that happiness has much less to do with thinking and more to do with actions and habits. Anyone who starts to wonder how happy people think has a happiness problem, I fit into that. The Happy Fallacies A lot of us get stuck with thought patterns that do not lead to being happy. Here are just a few of … [Read more...]


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