What I Miss About Living in Dublin Ireland

While we lived in Ireland it always felt temporary, we thought at some point we would be moving to the Czech Republic. I was never much good at living with the temporary lifestyle and consequently always wanted to move quicker than what was sensible. Ireland was so temporary that I ended up living there for 16 years… So anyway we moved. And it took a year before I started talking about what … [Read more...]

Glasgow v’s Dublin

I just spent a few days in Glasgow. It is so clean - I live in Dublin and the streets are dirty with rubbish that people have just dropped, mostly now I don't notice it. However when I visit some other city the contrast is startling. And it is not just the city centre, everywhere I visited surprised me at the cleanliness of the places, (lacking in dropped rubbish). Almost as if to reinforce … [Read more...]

Working in Ireland

During the last couple of years I have become a tourist Guide. Because I have lived and spent at lot of time working in Ireland I have come to know the country quite well, sometimes it feels like I have lived here as a tourist myself for the last ten years and never really settled into the idea that I would stay here. Although I like Ireland I have not wanted to stay here long term, ten years … [Read more...]

Being an expat

I forget that I am. It only hits me from time to time when I overhear some conversations about people that are coming into the country and the "damage" they cause, to the expectation of the citizens and the "culture". I am perhaps a little unforgiving when I hear this in Ireland, so many Irish have moved to other countries. Over the last few years I have had the privilege of living in Austria, … [Read more...]


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